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Monday, 17 July 2017

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has broken a bunch of records! It shows how good a movie whose main character and director are women can be if studios wouldn't get in the way!

The movie starts with Diana on the island of the amazons who are her family. She is the queens daughter, and her aunt is the general of the army.
Her mother tells her about how they are protected and must train to be ready to defend the world. There's a lot of myth and lore, but it basically boils down to Diana wants to fight and help. The amazons were taken advantage of by mankind before and don't worry about the mortals battles until it involves Ares. Who they protect the world against.

One day a plane flies into the barrier and Diana saves the pilot's life. He is relatively okay, but he was followed by the enemy. They attack the island and several amazons are killed. Including Diana's aunt. Steve fights beside Diana and helps them by shooting some of the German soldiers.

The amazons still don't trust him, and force him to tell them the truth about who he is and why he is there. Diana believes him and they begin to form a bond. She decides to help him leave the island and go with him back to his land and the war to help.

Diana is a bit naive about some things and doesn't understand human kind very well at times. There are some funny scenes with Steve's secretary that I appreciate.

He agrees to take her to the front and the two of them gather a small team and head out. There are five of them Steve, Diana, Charlie, the Chief and Sameer. There mission is to use the information Steve was being chased for to take down the mustard-esque gas manufacturing factory and the man in charge of it General Ludendorff. Once there with a lot of help from Wonder Woman they take back a village full of people. They stay with them as the group prepares to get into the fortress that Ludendorff is in.

They leave the village and before they can get to him he uses the prototype gas on the village and kills them all. Diana is heartbroken and unaffected by the gas walks through the gaseous streets seeing the dead people they had been eating and dancing with the night before.

She is even more resigned to kill the General who she thinks is Aries. Steve tries countless times to tell her that sometimes people just do bad things. But she is convinced it is Aries.

They set off for the secret factory and Diana being faster arrives well before the others and battles with the General. She eventually wins and thinks she has released the soldiers from Aries grip. The others arrive soon and Steve tells her they are still in danger and have to continue destroying the gas. Diana doesn't understand why the soldiers are still fighting loses her faith in humanity.

Steve helps her to not completely lose faith and leaves with the others to try and stop the attack and destroy the attack still not believing Aries is involved. Once they leave Diana comes face to face with Aries for real. They talk and we see Steve and the others sneak their way in.

I won't tell you the rest because it's 100% spoilers. Needless to say it is a good movie and I would recommend it!

The sheer amount of similarity to Captain America The First Avenger makes it awesome also!
There are many aspects that are similar! I'm not criticizing this movie. On the contrary I think it is incredibly original! Some of the similarities are actually not my favorites. For instance 1/2 of the main couple's name is Steve and he dies in a plane heroically saving many people.
The hero also is still around in modern time with a picture of their significant other from way back when. That makes me extremely sad!

I saw a bunch of trailers and heard a lot about it. The basics at least. If it weren't for the strong presence of Ares, and Zeus stories it would have been 9.5/10. (Also one of my favorite characters dies.) :(

There were shots that were amazing. The acting on all counts was superb. The locations and sets were all great!

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