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Monday, 3 July 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales

I'm a little late on this one. (Haha, like that's new) But if it's still in a theater around you I would go see it!

This movie shows the best thing about sequels, the main characters have backstory and you know them well enough that we can just get to the fun story and adventures.

In this movie a boy named Henry, who we find out pretty quickly is Will and Elizabeth's son, enlists Jacks help to get Posedian's trident to try and free his father from his curse. But there is something about the pirate you thought you knew so well. A secret that only a few still alive know, and that secret is coming for him.

Pretty sweet right?


Not for Captain Jack Sparrow who after regaining his ship is still stuck on dry land with his minimal crew. Pirating on land hasn't been very beneficial for Jack and his remaining crew end up leaving him in search of actual pirating jobs.

Jack goes to find rum. As usual. He ends up giving away the compass for a drink. Soon after he ends up in jail. Because...well...he's Jack.

We see Henry all grown up and in the navy. He is smart but takes risks. He argues with his captain and get his strips taken away, but the boat crashes and sinks because they didn't listen to him and everyone else in the crew dies. Henry is found and brought back to the port. He is put in the hospital but is under guard for desertion.

At this point we've already met Carina a modern young woman and a scientist who is trying to find the answers to many unanswered questions her deceased father left her with. She is trying to find the same thing as Henry. She helps him break out of the hospital intending on them working together to find the trident. But she gets captured in the process of helping him and tells him to save her if he wants to find the trident.

So now it's up to Henry to save her and Jack. They make an odd group but with the help of Jack's crew they all manage to escape. Quite comically I might add. Soon they are on there way to find the trident.

We also see Barbarossa who has a whole fleet of ships under his command. We also see the two soldiers who turned pirates are still in his crew. Older but equally clueless.

Unfortunately one of Jacks old foes is after him. When Jack gave away the compass he released them and they can travel across the sea to seek their revenge.


The special effects in this movie are magnificent! This is coming from someone who is critical at best! I never once thought, "Oh, that looks fake." I never thought about how impossible certain *spoilers* effects where. I was amazed by it!

The plot isn't perfect. That's a given with any movie. I've never seen a movie that didn't have a plot hole. It's pretty much impossible to have a perfect plot. Where all the characters stories are concluded.

This movie fixes issues that were left open in the second and third movies and almost let me forgive the writers and directors for them. (Almost) ;)

This is actually probably my favorite Pirates of the Caribbean movie yet! If they are going to have another sequel I wouldn't hate it.

Lots of people says the series isn't original, but just mixed up versions of the earlier movies. That is true, a little. I do think this movie shakes that stereotype up a little. Any franchise that isn't the MCU will have points where they are similar.
(I'm not defending the second or third movie on any negativity btw. Just this new one and the series overall.)

The point I'm trying to make is. These movies are pretty decent. As stand alone movies or in a franchise. I will be buying this movie once it's available and I would at least give it a chance and watch it once. You never know you may like it! :)

Oh, and guess who else is in this one! :D

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