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Friday, 27 January 2017

Doctor Strange

This isn't my favorite Marvel movie it isn't even in my top 10. However I wouldn't mind seeing it again or even owning it.

 It has several pieces that fit information into the overall Marvel Phase. Another Infinity Stone is revealed and an end credit scene featuring Thor and mentioning Loki. (Setting up Thor Ragnarok.) I definitely liked the movie.

 The story line centers on Dr.Strange, the best neurosurgeon in the world. Who after being in a, career ruining, car accident goes on the search of a cure, or a miracle. He gets more and more desperate and several months later ends up in looking for a miracle in the streets of Nepal.
He doesn't find a miracle, but he does find a bald Tilda Swinton in ornate robes who is known as "The Ancient One". If you don't know anything about Doctor Strange or the basic movie universe in which it exists, you may be a little weirded out for a few minutes.

It should all start making a little more sense however and be a little less intense once Doctor Strange starts to learn the mystic ways of the bald sorcerer. After struggling with the powers he has been newly introduced to. He finally understands that his hands are unrepairable, but he can do much more, if he actually tries.

 He quickly accells under the teaching of Mordu and "The Ancient One" and since he doesn't listen to rules or other people he even manages to learn about some of the more dangerous parts of their world. The sanctum that Doctor Strange is learning in is one of three that protect the earth from dark forces. They must be protected or else many people will die.
A sorcerer named Kaeciliusto is trying to unleash Dormammu of the dark dimension. (Because it wasn't ominous already.) Kaeciliusto trained under the Ancient One, but went rouge. Kind of a Darth Vader situation there.

While still training Strange, Mordu and fellow sorcerer Wong who is keeper of the artifacts and spell books, see through a portal that one of the other sanctums has fallen. A large collapse of debris blows
Doctor Strange into another portal to the third sanctum in New York City.

After battling Kaecilusto and defending the NYC sanctum, Strange is reunited with Mordu and Wong. Before he finds his friends/fellow sorcerers he meets a very animated character. When I said animated I mean excitable, However it is also literal in the fact that it is a CG levitating cape. The cape helps him capture Kaeciliusto temporarily.  To stop him they must keep him from taking down the other two sanctums. Which is when it gets really interesting.

If I didn't know so much about the original story from the comics etc. I probably would have enjoyed the movie more. As it is I'm more excited to see the sequel. Since I won't know what is going to happen half the time. Like I did with this one. I didn't know how funny some of the scenes would be though. For a series movie it had it's fair share of comedic moments.

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