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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Black Friday Part 1

So I am definitely not one for getting up early. Or having to deal with crazy shoppers on Black Friday.
So I did it the easy way and shopped online. Although there isn't nearly as much you can still get some decent deals.

 A few of my family went in the late morning to shop and we were texting back and forth. They would tell about about this movie for this much and I would say whether I wanted it or not.

I ended up with quite a few, all for great prices! So basically what I've learned is I will buy unlimited dvd as long as they're inexpensive! Oh, well. So I spent way to much. It's totally fine. 😏😄😔

So, here are all the dvds I got. (Not counting the ones I got online. Which I will make a Part 2 post for once they arrive.)

Afterwards I went with my best friend to see Doctor Strange. I'll probably write a whole post about that soon. For now I'll just say it was good. Not great but it set up a lot of stuff for Thor Rangarok and Avengers Infinity Wars. I'm glad I went to see it and I think I would have enjoyed it better if I didn't know as much about the story line as I did. It kinda ruined some moments. But overall it was very good, and not at all confusing. I don't really know how people got confused. If you have any understanding of the MCU than you'll be fine.

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