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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Fall Shows

Every year the beginning of fall also brings the beginning of new shows.

Here are the ones to watch in my opinion:

The Good Place - A half hour comedy about Eleanor (Kristen Bell) who is dead and has gone to "The Good Place", but shouldn't have. Watch her with help from her soulmate Chidi, try to make herself a better person so she can stay. (Although philosophically troubled it's very entertaining.)

Bull - Starring NCIS's Micheal Weatherly as Dr.Bull. This series is nothing you've seen before. Bull is basically a psychiatrist who analyses the jury to help his clients win their case. It is no cop drama. 

Designated Survivor - Although I haven't seen the premiere yet the story line is intriguing. I doubt if they can make an entire season out of it with really good story line, but I'm going to at least watch the pilot.

Pitch - Watch the premiere. If only for the principle of the thing.

Conviction - I've been a fan of Hayley Atwell for years. I'm definitely tuning in to support her. It also helps that the show looks very interesting! 

Timeless - My kind of show! Traveling through time? Changing historical events? Trying to not mess up timelines and save everyone? Um, yes please!

Macgyver - The idea of a reboot for the original show made me groan. I didn't like the original for many reasons. But since this new version stars X-Men's Lucas Till I was willing to give it a shot. This premiere I have watched...or most of it. I honestly couldn't finish the episode. I may watch the next episode just to see if they were just getting their footing. The characters story lines were rushed. Just because it's a reboot doesn't mean everyone already automatically knows who everyone is. 

These shows that aren't new but you should check out too:

Once Upon a Time -  One of my all time favorite shows. Fairy Tale characters in our world trying to save other fairy tale characters. In this new season we'll see the continuation to the story that began in the finale of last season. Dr. Jekyll has brought the entire Land of Untold Stories to Storybrooke. With endless new characters and story arcs I hope the writers don't short change us on this plot line.

Agents of Shield - A very well written and acted show. I love the characters and am genuinely sad if something happens to them. The story lines are far from predictable, but also far from being bizarre.

Last Man Standing -  While most half hour comedy's on TV today have inappropriate jokes every two minutes this show is actually a clean family comedy. But it's still a lot of fun! ;)

Scorpion -  Is about a team of genies and their friend Paige who helps the government with crimes only their intellect can stop. Although I have lost track of this show for the moment the first season was incredible and I can only recommend this show. 

The Flash - This is a DC comics show that is a spin-off of Arrow. It's a modern live action version of Flash Gordon. Sadly this is yet another show that I loved the first season of and lost track of. I have done my best to keep up through clips and recaps. This season looks as good as the first two. 

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