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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Doctor Who

Are you a Sci-Fi fan? I was and then I saw Doctor Who. Doctor Who is a whole new level of Science Fiction. Not in a bad way. Just sometimes a confusing and intense way.

Unless you are introduced to Doctor Who a certain way it can be very crazy, bizarre and plain weird. I started watching DW episodes in no particular order. I could watch most of the seasons on Amazon Prime so I could watch them randomly.
I've been watching the show for a couple of years and now I'm a hardcore Doctor Who fan.

Most of the older season are good, especially with the Ninth and Tenth Doctor. Donna Noble and Rose Tyler are two of my favorite companions but the low quality and small budget of the episodes kinda impedes the great characters.

The newer episodes have great effects and story lines and heartbreaking cliff hangers but the don't have the same old favorites. :(

Most underrated season ever!

Here is my suggested list of which ones to start with. Titles are underlined: (In no particular order)

If you like creepy this 2 part episode is great. These episodes also mark the beginning of Captain Jack Harkness.
The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances (Series 1, Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler.)

The Girl in the Fireplace

Another somewhat scary one.
Tooth and Claw (Series 2, Tenth Doctor, Rose.)

The Girl in the Fireplace (Series 2, Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith.)

Martha is introduced.
Smith and Jones (Series 3, Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones.)
The Shakespeare Code (Series 3, Tenth Doctor, Martha.)

If you like Weeping Angels this is the episode to watch. If you are scared of Weeping Angels don't watch this one alone or at night. The Doctor and Martha actually are only in a few clips of this episode.
Blink (Series 3, Tenth Doctor, Martha.)

My favorite Doctor.

Voyage of the D*mned (Christmas Special, Tenth Doctor, between Martha and Donna.)

This is the episode Donna is brought back as a regular companion.
Partners in Crime (Series 4, Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble.)

Not historically accurate, but fun. Also guest stars Peter Capaldi who later portrays the 12th Doctor.
Fires of Pompeii (Series 4, Tenth Doctor, Donna.)

Agatha Cristie!!!
The Unicorn and the Wasp (Series 4, Tenth Doctor, Donna.)

The Doctors Daughter (Series 4, Tenth Doctor, Donna and Martha.)

Closing Time. (Not on this list.)

Nothing as straightforward as vampires on DW!
The Vampires of Venice (Series 5, Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory.)

An amazing episode, probably one of my favorites with these actors.
Amy Choice (Series 5, Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory.)

The Lodger (Series 5, Eleventh Doctor, Amy.)

The Curse of the Black Spot (Series 6, Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory Pond)

A Christmas Special with no companions.
The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe (Christmas Special, Eleventh Doctor)

Hilarious episode! Guest stars Mark Williams as Rory's father.
Dinosaurs of a Spaceship (Series 6, Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory.)

Clara Oswald

The second introduction to Clara Oswald. Well, sorta.
The Snowmen (Series 7, Eleventh Doctor, Clara Oswald.)

Definitely watch The Snowmen^^ before vv Bells of St.John.

The third introduction of Clara Oswald, kinda.
The Bells of St.John (Series 7, Eleventh Doctor, Clara.)

The Rings of Akhaten (Series 7, Eleventh Doctor, Clara.)

Sounds self-explanatory? Yeah, it's not.
Cold War (Series 7, Eleventh Doctor, Clara.)

Peter Capaldii's second episode as the Doctor
Into the Dalek (Series 8, Twelfth Doctor, Clara.)

Robot of Sherwood (Series 8, Twelfth Doctor, Clara.)

Love both of these so much!
Time Heist (Series 8, Twelfth Doctor, Clara.)
Mummy on the Orient Express (Series 8, Twelfth Doctor, Clara.)

The Caretaker (Series 8, Twelfth Doctor, Clara.)

Unfortunately I haven't seen Season 9 yet so this is where my suggestion list ends for now. Let me know if you want the next group of episodes to watch. I'm currently working my way through them introducing some people to them.

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