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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Finding Dory

As a family movie it excels. It has a kid friendly story line. (For the most part. It might get a bit sad for younger kids when Dory gets lost and it seems like she is going to give up on her mission.) Other than that it is very family oriented with lessons and family values. If your and adult you will probably enjoy it as much as your kids. If you a teenager or in your early twenties you're probably to busy freaking out that they finally made a sequel.

The main plot is Dory is trying to find her parents who apparently (Thanks to some conveniently timed flashbacks.) we see are in California. Unfortunately that's all she can't remember. So Marlin, Nemo and Dory set off to find her parents. Unlike its predecessor crossing the ocean in this movie takes all of two minutes and they land in sunny Californian waters right away. They hit a bit of a dead end. Soon after the trio are separated and Dory is caught by some sea rescuers who take her into the Marine Life Institute that is nearby for rehabilitation and release. As the slogan says. After that its Dory trying to find her parents with the help of an septapus named Hank. While Marlin and Nemo try to find a way inside. Everyone starts going back and forth trying to find one another.

It isn't perfect and no I'm not talking about the two women who are (falsely) rumored to be a couple. I'm talking about the story itself. Unfortunately if you go into this movie expecting perfection you may be disappointed. Yes it is an amazing movie. With great animation and new characters and places. But that doesn't change the fact that if you have a story line that isn't quite at the bar it will show through the other positive qualities. 
During several parts it seemed like the characters where running back and forth and it was a little random at times. 

I would definitely recommend it for a family movie or even a date night. 

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