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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Five after credit scenes from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 in order, are:

#1 Kraglin practices with Yondu's arrow. 
Kraglin is the loyal country character by Yondu's side in the first movie. A fellow ravager and right hand man to Yondu, who tries to learn to use Yondu's trick arrow. Unfortunately without much experience he accidentally stabs Drax in the face.

This scene is random and completely hilarious. One of the under appreciated characters of this movie is Kraglin!

#2 The reunion of a different set of Guardians
Only hardcore comic fans, or people with internet will actually understand the meaning behind the second scene. There was a 1970s version of the Guardians who these characters closely resemble. This was most likely just an Easter egg for fans and won't result in any further screen time for these characters.

#3 Teenage Groot
Easily the most memorable Post-credit scene is teenage Groot. Who is moody, taller and a attitude like no other. The hilarious squabble scene between him and Peter is down right relatable for parents or kids with younger siblings. Or maybe ones who are self aware. Peter argues with Groot about leaving a mess every where with vines and leaves, and Groot shoots back saying Peter is just boring. Honestly it's hilarious!

#4 Adam Warlock
This is another not so obvious one, but comic fans could guess that the thing created by Ayesha is in fact Adam Warlock. There's a whole lot of crazy possibilities with the future of this character. If you want to know more about him just google the name.

#5 Stan Lee cameo.2
Kind of a pointless and unnecessary scene the entire movie ends on and the screen goes black is a silly short comic scene of Stan Lee being stranded on an alien planet. It is a follow up to the scene and cameo he already had mid way through the movie. Making it even more unnecessary.

I know that my opinions about certain aspects of the movie aren't in the majority. These are the basic rundowns of the credit and after credit scenes.

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