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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Han Solo Cosplay

 I am already working on my Han Solo cosplay for October.

I already have a perfect jacket that matches the one Harrison Ford wears in The Empire Strikes Back. So I decided to go with that version instead of the classic vest.

All I really have to do is finish making the holster and painting the gun. I still have to figure out a method for adding stripes to the sides of my black pants that I have set aside.

I have several images I'm using as references and Pinterest is a huge help with details. Although I would like to do a perfectly accurate cosplay. I also don't think it very practice to create a costume and spend a lot of money that I'll probably only wear one time. (Unless I'm going to Comic-Con and then I spare no expense!)

So you might notice that the gun I'm using is not very similar to his, and the holster isn't exact. But its more about the fun you have in the costume than...well it's actually pretty fun to make it too!

Here are a few of the main references I am using:

Emily tutorials were very helpful!

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