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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Mockingjay Part 2

Since Mockingjay Part 1 came out last year the thing everyone has been talking about is Part 2. It's finally here!

I went to see it last night. Having read the book I thought it was amazing. So accurate and wonderfully done with a perfect ending.
A friend of mine (who hadn't read the books) pointed out that some of the scenes were a little choppy. They went from one thing to another without making 100% sense and completing the plot line. I didn't think about it since I had read the book, but for everyone who hadn't certain things might be confusing. I would suggest reading the book. It's amazing and will help with any confusion.

I love every interaction between Katniss and Finnick, and Katniss and Haymitch, and Katniss and Peeta, and Finnick and Peeta, and Cressida and Katniss, and Haymitch and Effie, and Katniss and Effie. Mostly because all those are my favorite characters. In my opinion they all had a fair amount of scenes and lines. I really liked the scene where Haymitch reads Katniss the letter. (Trying to be spoiler free.)

Little bit of a spoiler. At one part while they are in the sewers Cressida, Messella and someone else I think get cornered by the mutts. I was quite confused because in the book Cressida doesn't get killed. When they reappeared mostly unharmed I was relieved. Since I like Cressida and I knew which few survived and if they killed off the ones I knew plus extra ones I liked I was going to riot.

I'm glad Effie had a little more screen time than just, "Oh look shes not dead thank goodness." The little goodbye between her and Haymitch was one of my favorite parts. I always thought something like that would be nice. (Again trying to be spoiler free. Once you see the movie you'll understand what I mean.)

Overall I give it an 8/10. Because I haven't seen a movie yet that was 10/10, and this one was pretty good.

There was a lot of violence and even a couple of jump scares. There is a constant theme of what lines do you cross in a war. With Katniss trying to combat against unnecessary death and destruction. The love triangle so highlighted in Catching Fire is almost non-present (Which I like) except for a couple of scenes including one humorous one involving a conversation between Gale and Peeta while Katniss listens in.

From here on there are SPOILERS!!! Highlight to read

Yes the rumors you have heard about some of your favorite characters dying are true. 

If you've read the books then you will know who I mean. 
Finnick which makes me die on the inside a little every time, and Prim. Finnick's death was a result of saving Katniss and the others in the sewers under the Capital. A turning point of the movie. Prim's was something else altogether. Prim, the reason she was in The Hunger Games in the first place. Katniss's reason for surviving all those years. For surviving a second Hunger Games and not just leaving and running away from it all. After all that Prim was dead, gone, murdered helping wounded children. As it turns out the bombs that killed Prim and hundreds of Capital children were detonated by President Coin. After a conversation with Snow Katniss finally realizes who the real enemy is, and shoots Coin dead at Snow's execution. In front of the whole nation Katniss did it again. She saved everyone. Even if she didn't mean to be a leader, or a revolutionary she saved them all yet again.

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