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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Go Go Tomago

You may remember last year I went as Katniss for the Fall Festival. Well this year I decided to go as an equally strong female character. I'm going as Go Go Tomago from Big Hero 6.
The Fall festival is the one time of the year I can wear a costume out in public and fit in. So I like to take advantage of these opportunities.

 I picked this particular outfit of Go Go's because I already had some of the items. 

I bought this jacket on Amazon. It's a short black faux leather jacket with zipper pockets and a double snap collar. I especially wanted one with the snap collar.

It also has zippers on the sleeves which is exactly like Go Go's even though I didn't know it would have that until it arrived. 

Now these were a bit trickier.

Basically when I decided to wear this costume, I hadn't thought about certain items. For instance denim shorty shorts, and I don't have any. But then I remembered I had a bag of my old clothes I was going to donate and there was a pair of jeans in it. Well I pulled them out and followed this tutorial, and they came out wonderful.

 After putting most of the outfit together I did realize that Go Go isn't wearing her gloves with this outfit but I like the way they look and she does wear them at other times. So I'm going to wear them anyway,
These are actually Captain America gloves from the Halloween section, but they work for this too.

 I also got a package of two purple hair extensions.

 I am wearing my own tennis shoes. I bought some basic black leggings.
I couldn't find a shirt that was the proper color that I liked so I'm just wearing a plain black one I already had. A friend of mine asked me if I was going to cut my hair, and I told him a very definite no. I'm not that committed to this costume.

You can't really see the purple in my hair, but I think it looked pretty good. I ended up opting out of the bright colored tennis shoes and wore some basic black slip-ons instead.

These are the reference images of Go Go I used. 

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