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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Avenger: Age of Ultron

I finally saw it!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to try to do this spoiler free.

 IT was so amazing, a lot happened. The twins are great, and if you follow Agents of SHIELD you can watch some of the SHIELD sides of the movie.

Hawkeye's whole part was hilarious and awesome. So many plot twists!! Black Widow (who is a personal favorite) wasn't portrayed the way I had hoped, but she was kick-butt as always.

Cap goes without saying, we did see Sam Wilson for a little bit he's always a treasure and we finally got VISION!!! Who is absolutely incredible! In fact my favorite part of the movie was him.

As I said the twins were great, even though at first they were against the Avengers they came around. I liked them even before they were technically good, they are very endearing. I totally called that they would be bad at first then turn good.

There are funny moments, downright hilarious moments. Sad and heartbreaking moments. Moments we just never want to leave and moments we want to be part of. All in all go see this movie, it is amazing and has five stars in my book.

There is some language the actual first spoken word is a profanity so be careful. Its actually quite sparse and whenever anyone says something, well lets just say there is a running joke about language involving Cap! I am hoping to go see it again, maybe. I want to be able to remember the whole thing without me head exploding. Which may be hard. Young children should probably not see it in theaters its a little intense.

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