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Monday, 5 January 2015

X-Men Days of Future Past

If you haven't seen the other X-Men movies you should go buy them. Not just First Class but the first three too. They have important backstory and they are all pretty great movies. The newest in the series Days of Future Past came out in May of last year. I didn't see it until last week. I know, I know I've wanted to see it so bad the whole time! Now that I've finally seen it I can't wait for the next one.

So at the beginning we see a futuristic world. Apparently all the mutants and a lot of humans have been hunted and killed by a certain type of robot called sentinels who are specially made so if they were fighting Bobby they would turn to fire, if they were fighting Colossus they would turn into a stronger metal etc. I'm not sure if they could kill Kitty but, hey who knows. After an awesome action scene with some new characters and a few old favorites. We finally see the Professor and Magneto working together with the few mutants in their group. Then we see the plan as the whole gang comes together. The plan is to send Logan's mind back in time to his younger body to stop the one thing that sent the whole world collapsing. Mystique assassinating the man who created the robots or sentinels. Logan won't actually be back in time he'll be lying on a table while the others fight to keep him undisturbed by the sentinels. He only has a small amount of time to bring the much younger Professor and Magneto to work together to stop Mystique. It turns into a whole lot more.

From here on there are major spoilers so you've been warned!!!! Highlight to read.

After several complications and awesome moments we get the ending which is very nice, especially now that we see the whole future past 1970 something has been changed, and everyone and I mean everyone, from all the X-Men movies who died  is now alive. All of them. There is one second at the exact end of the movie that confuses me still even though I suppose it should be obvious, but why is Mystique taking care of getting Logan? P.S. I also wonder what date it is when he wakes up? Is it 50 years into the future where they were before? Or is it back before all the X-Men movies with Logan  there instead of wherever he was the first time? I don't know for sure but its pretty great!

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