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Saturday, 11 October 2014

So much stuff!!

So today I went to some stores, (I should really stop doing that!) and got a lot of awesome stuff. I bought Serenity,


and a classic The Big Sleep,

 all for $5 each. Also I got a grey sweater perfect for an alternate to my Emma Swan cosplay.

 Also some purple and black stripped tights from the halloween section for no reason. I'm waiting for the after sale to get some bargains on wigs.

 I'm going as Katniss for our Fall Festival, so I've got most of that put together. I'm using the pre-Hunger Games look. Brown leather jacket, lace-up boots, black shirt, braid, bow and arrows. I had everything but the boots and I just got those in, so all that's left is to get or make the quiver for my arrows. I'll either cover some thin cardboard with fabric  or use duct-tape, or maybe both.

My new boots. 

I can use them for my Katniss cosplay and for an alternate Emma Swan outfit.

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