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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Katniss Cosplay

I've been working on completing my Katniss cosplay and all I have left is the quiver. I bought brown lace up combat boots. A brown faux leather jacket. I already had the bow, arrows and a shirt. I'll wear plain skinny jeans for the pants and braid my hair. 
P.S. I wrote this post over the course of about two and a half weeks while I made this costume and the quiver.

My Katniss jacket I got it from Walmart. I know it's not exactly like Katniss's jacket but those are expensive.

(My new boots) I ordered from Amazon.

 I've been making the quiver out of brown fabric and poster board. So far I've attached the fabric to one side. Once I've covered the outside I'll make it unto a cylinder and attach the ends. Then I'll close in the bottom and make a strap to go across my chest.

Measure the poster board and cut it out to the size you want. I used fabric glue to glue the fabric to the poster board. Clothespins hold it on since it takes hours to dry. 

After its dry use a hot glue to attach the sides together, to make a cylinder.
I made the mistake of not gluing the fabric on the ends before I made it into a cylinder so if you do this project you'll probably want to glue the fabric to the poster board all the way around before making it into a cylinder.

Make sure to have extra strips of fabric for the shoulder strap. 

Firm the end of the quiver and then trace it onto cardboard.

Cut it out and hot glue the fabric to cover it.

Glue the bottom on. I glued it on the inside with simple Elmer's glue.

Here's what the bottom looks like from the outside.

Here it is completed!!!

I ended up having to tuck the bottom strap into the bottom of the quiver and glue it there.

This is the buckle I used, it's really just a large lobster claw and key chain link.

Here is my finished costume!!

These are the reference photos I used for the outfit.

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