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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Gift Card

Have you ever gotten a present for Christmas that you really didn't want or was in bad condition? Well I certainly have and believe me its not fun. Wouldn't it just be easier to give a gift card or money so that way the person your giving it to can pick out there own thing. Well I got one this year to Best Buy, its rather an odd store for me to get a gift card for, I only got that one because of a white elephant game. Anyway the point is what I got with the gift card, I knew Best Buy sold DVDs and CDs so when I saw the gift card I grabbed it up. I  looked up things they might have that I would want, and of course they had something.
*dun dun dun duh*

Oh, yeah $15.99! True it may be more than I can get it other places but I had to spend the card on something am I right? 

P.S. Hopefully I am going to get to go see DoS again soon!
Happy New Year!!

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