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Monday, 2 December 2013


Well I have never said I am a big Disney fan, after Brave I was really disappointed. Even when I saw the first trailer of Frozen I was skeptical, but after reading the basic story and seeing lots of pictures and trailers I was hooked there was no way I wasn't going to see it.

Frozen is tied with Tangled for first place as my favourite Disney movie. The story is unlike most, the main focus is not on a prince and princess falling in love with the classic difficulties and problems. It is centred around sisters. There is a love story but it is one between siblings. The characters are well formed and interesting, there is Elsa-The queen of Arendale, Anna-Elsa's little sister and the princess, Hans-Prince from the South islands and Anna fiancĂ©e, Kristoff-The ice man with no life and questionable sanity (just kidding he's fine.) Sven-Kristoff's lovable reindeer, and Olaf-the naive alive snowman.

Left to Right: Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf on Sven, Anna, Hans.

Story: Warning if you don't want important plot points don't keep reading it could spoil some things.

The movie starts back when Anna and Elsa where little girls, and they would play with Elsa's snow powers.  Anna gets hurt and has her memory of Elsa's powers replaced with ones of her and Elsa playing in normal snow. (Replaced by some cute troll people we will see later.) Then we see Anna's and Elsa's difficult secluded growing up years, and then their parents death. Now Elsa is of age and is to be crowned Queen. The gates are to be opened all day and lonely Anna sees this as her chance. She wants to find love and happiness. She sings dances around and runs into Prince Hans, or actually his horse. They meet again after the coronation at the party and dance and sing and do all sorts of things together. Then they decide to get engaged and go to ask Elsa's blessing, she refuses and Anna gets mad. Anna starts yelling at Elsa asking why she has shut her out all these years, in front of the whole attendance. Elsa puts and end to the party and tries in vain to quiet her and calm Anna down. In her excitement Anna took Elsa's glove and Elsa's powers are dangerously present, she makes a simple motion with her hand and it creates a sharp barrier of ice between her and everyone else in the room. Elsa runs out to the courtyard where many villagers are. She dodges as many as possible but they all want to say something she fall back and touches the fountain in the center, it slowly freezes and everyone around gasps and backs away. She yells at them to stay back, (she doesn't want anyone to get hurt.) She runs out the gate and down to the bay that surrounds most of the castle. At first she doesn't know what to do but then Anna and Hans follow her and Elsa warns Anna to get back. When she doesn't Elsa touches the water with her foot and it turns to ice, she runs on the ice till she gets to the other side and disappears into the woods. Suddenly the ice she created to walk on spreads in swirls all the way around the castle making the whole bay the castle is surrounded by freeze, and it begins to snow.

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