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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Reichenbach theory

I've read several theory's as to how Sherlock survived the fall. Some involving masks, body doubles, the homeless network, Mycrofts connections, just about everything, here are a couple of links to theory's that have a couple of good points:


This one says Mycroft was in on it:

This one is a take on the little girls screaming:

This one talks about the Assassins Vs. Gunmen

Also one if my own ideas is involved with the last two links. The assassin who where watching their flat we saw there pictures.

  The assassins #1
(We don't see her)

Two of them are taken out.
So here we see #1 die.
Then #4 die
Sherlock has explained

 Here is one we haven't seen except as an gunman, ( Mrs. Hudson.)

The Lestrade gunman,

and here we have who looks like #3 as one of the three gunmen. (John's)

True the last two look like enough like Sherlock and John to make you consider that theory.

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