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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Nine of the Fellowship

One thing I love about the movies that take so long to film in a country like NZ and the cast members become such friends. As in the case of the Fellowship of the Ring, eight of the nine actors who played members of the fellowship got matching tattoos. Just the word nine in Tengwar (one of Tolkien's languages), John-Rhys Davis elected for his stunt double to get one instead of him. Here are some pictures of the eight.
Orlando Bloom -Legolas

Sean Astin- Samwise Gamgee (ankle)

Sean Bean-Boromir (shoulder)

Ian McCellan-Gandalf

Viggo Mortenson- Aragon(shoulder)

Dom Monoghan-Meriadoc Bradybuck (or something like that)

Elijah Wood-Frodo

Billy Boyd- Pippin (ankle)
 What is a lot less known is the fact that Peter Jackson also got a tattoo. Instead of nine in Tengwar he got a Ten.

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