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Friday, 9 August 2013

It has arrived

Guess what I got in the mail, it is closely connected to something else I got in the mail recently. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 At Worlds End.
I am so excited, I now own 1 and 3, have seen 2 and 4, and borrowed The Three Musketeers
and Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows from the library today.

Trying to decide what to watch first and what to watch later its very hard. Though since I have a friend who always wants to watch a movie with me on Saturday afternoons it becomes more complicated since I have to decide which one she will like most and which one we have to watch because of when its due back at the library. Oh, well I am still excited even though I have found out in PotC 3 Will and Elizabeth's romance ends not as expected? I wish they wouldn't write them without ending these storeys correctly. Like in PotC 4 with Serena and Phillip, what exactly happened with them at the end? Oh, well lots to do, lots to watch just finished reading a Doctor Who character guide to try and understand the famous show more. (It may or may not have worked, I'm not sure) I guess I'll just have to watch the series. (Doctor Ten is my favourite)

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